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Fintech Events: Norway Fintech Festival, Anne Leslie, Cloud Risk and Controls Leader EMEA at IBM

In a world where technology is rapidly transforming the financial landscape, the role of fintechs has become increasingly vital. But with innovation comes risk, and banks are grappling with how to navigate this new frontier while safeguarding their operations. That’s where Anne Leslie, the Cloud Risk and Controls Leader for IBM Cloud for Financial Services, steps in.

In a recent interview during the Norway Fintech Festival in Bergen, Anne sheds light on the crucial intersection of fintechs, cloud technology, and risk management. With her wealth of expertise, she shares IBM’s mission to help banks harness fintech innovation and de-risk their journey to the cloud. Anne passionately emphasizes the importance of collaboration and security as cornerstones for building a sustainable fintech ecosystem. Drawing on her experience, Anne reveals how IBM’s approach is bridging the gap between banks and fintechs with an innovative framework that empowers banks to tap into fintech potential while ensuring the same level of control and security they have on-premises. It’s a frictionless partnership that allows both sides to thrive and deliver groundbreaking solutions.

Advocating for industry-wide standards and urging stakeholders to unite in areas such as security, privacy, and data protection Anne stresses the importance of knowing where different ecosystem players should collaborate instead of competing. We are certain that this fascinating interview with Anne will give you plenty to think about!

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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