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Fintech Events: ECOM’21 interview with Dr. Anamika Datta, Senior Product Manager at Zalando

Industry lines are blurring! with PSD2 and the widespread adoption of APIs the siloes that once distinguished one industry from another are disappearing. To understand what’s happening in the world of Ecommerce, and how Fintechs can better gear up to serve retailers needs, we caught up with Dr. Anamika Datta, Senior Product Manager at Zalando.

With an impressive track record in retail, working for industry giants like Amazon and Flipkart, Anamika shared with us why closer collaboration and integrated development of fintech solutions is essential for both industries to flourish. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of our conversation was how the customer-centric mindset that has enabled retailers to develop a passion for customers and optimize the customer experience could impact financial services and provide a role model for fintechs to follow.?️?

This conversation is packed full of insights, expertly communicated by Anamika, whose in-depth knowledge of the ecommerce industry, acute observations, confident demeanour and charm will have you hooked from the start. ? So, get ready to learn, be inspired, and see how ecommerce and fintech can work together to create amazing experiences for customers! ??

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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