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Fintech Events: ECOM’21 Interview with Arturs Garais – WEB3 Project Lead at airBaltic

During our recent visit at ECOM’21 in the beautiful city of Riga, we had a chance to catch up with Arturs Garais, WEB3 Project Lead at airBaltic, an aviation company that’s taking off with blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Arthur’s focus is on the company’s web 3 initiative, which involves experimenting with new ways of providing better customer experiences. And boy, have they done just that! In fact, airBaltic launched the world’s first NFT loyalty program last year, and it’s already received rave reviews from customers.

What’s so great about this loyalty program, you ask? Well, for one, customers can now enjoy transferable loyalty points, which was not possible before. Plus, the program offers passive air miles and other perks, such as free business class upgrades to Planies holders, the name of their NFT collection. But with great power comes great responsibility! Since customers will be owning their own tokens, they must learn to take responsibility for their assets.

Luckily, airBaltic provides step-by-step guides to help customers enter this space and connect their Club account to their wallet. If you are thinking that NFTs are just overpriced jpegs with ownership braggin rights, this chat will make you think again. airBaltic’s incursion into the NFT space is as innovative as it is inspiring and goes a long way into showing the real life business applications of this new and exciting technology.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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