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Estonia’s most international start-up and technology conference Latitude59 expands to Africa

The one-day Latitude59 will take place in Nairobi, Kenya already this December in partnership with Admirals.

According to Ms. Liisi Org, CEO of Latitude59, the main ambition of the move is to initiate conversations in an important target market for Estonia.  “The motto of our spring conference was ‘Be Bold. Let’s be bold and build the world we want to live in”. Several African countries and Estonia have been in each other’s interest for many years, both in the business and the public sector, and a number of Estonian start-ups are already operating in different African countries. It is only fitting to give a boost to the cooperation by bringing people together at Latitude59 on the spot,” said Org. 

Kenya is an influential country in the region, and Estonia’s experience in developing society and promoting digital governance is valued. “Estonia’s economic and trade relations with African countries are intensifying, and there is a lot of interest on both sides. Latitude59 aims to create global bridges between startup ecosystems in different countries,” said Org.

But great things are not done alone. “Latitude59’s partner in this is Admirals, which is active in several African countries in addition to Estonia and other regions,” said Org. Project partner Admirals (formerly Admiral Markets) is a fintech company founded in Estonia and active in 45 countries. Admirals is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. “Throughout its history, Admirals has invested in education and innovation. With operations in Kenya, we have a long-standing interest in contributing to financial literacy and investor education. An event of this format is a good place to create synergies. In addition to the conference, we are contributing to the growth of a community that we can support and grow in a meaningful way,” said Boris Gubaidulin, Head of Admirals Africa.

According to Mr. Gubaidulin, Admirals has extensive experience in Africa with business delegations who appreciate Estonia as a digital country and a mecca for start-ups, where doing business is encouraged locally and internationally. “We are pleased to jointly lead and support the Estonian success story in Kenya and encourage local initiatives and the unity of the startup community,” added Gubaidulin. 

Latitude59 was held for the 11th time in May this year and brought together participants from 67 countries, including a large number of government representatives, who were attracted by the unity of the Estonian startup ecosystem and the conference’s mission to create a better world through technology and innovation. Taking place on December 7th in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, the technology sector conference is called “Latitude59 Kenya edition”. It will bring together the Estonian and Kenyan startup ecosystems to support the global startup community and to support the sustainable development of Estonian and African businesses, contributing to the “global village” concept. 

The project is supported by ESTDEV – The Estonian Centre for International Development.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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