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Estonian startup was crowned FinTech Start-up of the Year.

Last week marked a significant milestone for the Estonian startup Mifundo as their achievements were recognized at the prestigious Banking Tech Awards ceremony in London. Mifundo was honored with the title of FinTech Start-up of the Year.

The Banking Tech Awards is a highly regarded accolade by banks, where leading banks from Europe and around the world showcase cutting-edge innovative projects each year. In addition to the banks’ own projects, categories highlight new and innovative technologies directed towards banks. FinTech Futures, reflecting emerging technologies in the financial sector, is the organizer of the Banking Tech Awards.

The majority of awards were claimed by outstanding major banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan. Alongside these giants, the organizer of the prestigious awards, FinTech Futures, also acknowledged a young fintech company. For Kaido Saar, the former Bigbank executive and co-founder/CEO of Mifundo, this achievement is a true honor for Mifundo’s mission and operations. He stated, “The award not only recognizes but also confirms the dedication of the Mifundo team to increase innovation in the financial sector. It is an opportunity for Mifundo to elevate the European fintech market to a new level, making the financial landscape even more modern, reliable, and convenient for clients.”

Mifundo is an innovative solution that opens doors for cross-border lending for both individuals and banks in Europe. This means that the data of Estonian individuals are trusted in other countries where Mifundo operates, and based on this, credit products from local banks can be utilized. The Mifundo team consists of experienced banking and technology experts with diverse experiences from different countries. The company operates under the license issued by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority and is a member of the pan-European credit bureau association ACCIS.

Mifundo has previously received several prestigious recognitions:

  • Mifundo won two categories at the prestigious Europe Fintech Awards 2023 event in London – Startup of the Year and LendTech of the Year.
  • Mifundo was selected into the Mastercard Lighthouse partnership program, receiving recognition from Mastercard and leading Northern European banks.
  • Mifundo was invited to the Amazon AWS Global FinTech Accelerator, supported by Amazon, NVIDIA, and Vestbee, and was chosen as a promising fintech startup reshaping the financial world.
NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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