Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Ep. 78 Entrepreneurship & Fintech in the DNA of the “The Startup Nation” Henri Räim, Invest Estonia

Starting a company is one of the most exciting, satisfying and challenging undertakings anyone can take. And after speaking to hundreds of courageous entrepreneurs we’ve been amazed at the deep sense of duty and responsibility that develops within them to continue to nourish the ecosystem, and use their know how and experience to serve the startup community and their future customers.

As part of our recent Unicorn Safari to Tallinn, the spectacular capital city of Estonia, we had the opportunity to meet Henri Raim, Deputy head of Global Business Development for the Estonian Investment Agency. In this fascinating chat with Henri, we learnt how Estonian founders who have successfully built and scaled their organisations have chosen to reinvest their talent and funds into further developing their national industries. And it’s not just a sense of national pride, but a very comprehensive innovation mindset that drives them to seek the most fertile ground for their new ventures. In this conversation you’ll learn more about how Estonian talent, digital savviness and one of the world’s friendliest taxation systems is fast transforming this small nation into a powerhouse for entrepreneurship.

Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
Chris is the Co-founder of Nordic Fintech Magazine and Fast Forward Banking. He uncomplicates finance through jargon-free financial media content in plain and simple language. Chris is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University and Singularity University where he speaks regularly on the Future of Financial Services, the Future of Money Disruption and Entrepreneurship.