Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Ep. 76 Buy-now-pay-later as a Service, Accelerating Lender’s way to Embedded Finance – David Larsson, CEO at Sileon

The emergence of as-a-service banking models is proof that in free open markets, where there is demand supply will follow. The difficulty that many incumbents face when trying to innovate, be it because of its legacy infrastructure, culture or shareholder constraints has created a rising need for external innovation, speed to market and flexible and adaptable solutions. Thanks to these innovative models, anyone can bring competitive value propositions to market and remain relevant to customer demands and expectations.

We recently spoke to David Larsson, CEO at Sileon, a company that have chosen to combine its best innovation and know-how to equip banks and oder credit institutions to play a role in the fast developing Buy-Now-Pay-Later trend. In this conversation you’ll learn about how Sileon’s innovation makes it possible for lenders to dramatically cut down time to market and launch full fledge and fully compliant embedded finance products  in just a matter of weeks.  Sileon’s use case is a perfect example of how through cloud base models, lenders, who’d otherwise be stuck in long development and product decision making cycles can still  compete and remain relevant in the heated market of embedded finance and BNPL.