Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Ep.64 Hyperpersonalized Wealth Planning for Individual, Sustainable Goal-Based Investing – Marc Mettler Managing Partner Business Development at 3rd-eyes analytics

Hyperpersonalisation is a well documented benefit of digitalisation. We can see it everywhere, in the content we consume on social media, in the gadgets we use and even in the clothes we buy online. With advances in data analytics, we can also now also hyperpersonalize the financial products that we buy.  The proverbial “segment of one”, is becoming a reality thanks to companies that are fusing deep analytics, technology and financial services capabilities

We recently had a very insightful conversation with Marc Mettler, Managing Partner for Business Development at 3rd-eyes analytics, the Swiss Wealth-tech company that is making hyperpersonalisation in wealth management a reality. In this chat we discussed how the hyperpseronalisation trend in finance is enabling customers to pursue investment goals based on their values, their priorities and their risk appetite,  helping them maximize the probability to reach their financial goals. Learn how 3rd-eyes analytics is empowering financial institutions to deliver goal-based investing products that enable people like you and me to plan for our future dreams. 

Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
Chris is the Co-founder of Nordic Fintech Magazine and Fast Forward Banking. He uncomplicates finance through jargon-free financial media content in plain and simple language. Chris is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University and Singularity University where he speaks regularly on the Future of Financial Services, the Future of Money Disruption and Entrepreneurship.