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Empowering the Future of Payments: Shift4’s Commitment to Nordic and European Partners

As a licensed bank and acquirer in Europe, Shift4 offers growth opportunities to payment service providers (PSPs) in the Nordics.

Written by: Ruben Nielsen, Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Shift4 & originally featured in the Nordic Fintech Magazine Q1 Edition 2024.

By combining forces with us, Nordic PSPs can excel in delivering comprehensive solutions for online payments across various technical platforms, covering both physical and online transactions, including card and alternative payments. Our mission is to empower our partners to go cross-border via our brilliantly simple payment solutions.

The Nordic payment ecosystem is undergoing rapid transformation, characterized by dynamic changes that reflect the region’s commitment to innovation and scalability. As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, there is a growing demand for payment solutions that are not only efficient but also adaptable to the evolving digital landscape.

Challenges for PSPs

PSPs in the region face challenges in navigating this landscape. The rapid evolution, strict regulations, and the necessity for seamless integration create hurdles, leading partners to deal with interoperability issues and security concerns.

Additionally, meeting consumer expectations for local payment methods adds another layer of complexity. As consumers increasingly seek convenience, payment providers must stay attuned to the demand for locally preferred payment options, ensuring their solutions align with evolving consumer expectations.

How We Empower Our Partners

As a trusted partner, Shift4 extends beyond the traditional roles of acquirers and provides an international and flexible mindset to PSPs. We support them and provide tailored guidance as they navigate the complex cross-border payment ecosystem.

We bring a wealth of expertise to streamline processes, enhance security measures, and ensure seamless integration, enabling PSPs to deliver exceptional value to merchants across the Nordic region.

“By combining Shift4’s smart acquiring services and robust gateway platform with Ginger’s SaaS proposition, and its parent company’s Ximedes software development capabilities, the partnership is well-equipped to expand further across Europe and offer powerful and flexible PSP solutions to a growing client base.”

Joord Koot, CRO Ginger

Our Approach and Partner Ecosystem

We stand as a flexible acquirer and that is our unique proposition in the market. Nordic businesses, known for their adaptability, see us as a partner ready to handle the complexities of the modern financial world, thanks to our fresh perspective and strong global payment infrastructure.

For partners envisioning growth and cross-border ventures, our adaptability is the key to seamless expansion. By working with us, currency hurdles dissolve, language barriers fade, and diverse regulatory landscapes become a non-issue. We simplify global transactions and enable a focused approach to core services.

Empowering Partners for Success

Local Adaptation: In the Nordics, we prioritize local nuances, exemplified by our focus on Denmark’s payment landscape. Recognizing MobilePay as a local wallet, we engaged in a strategic partnership with them, addressing the rising demand for localized wallet support.
This shows our commitment to market responsiveness, positioning Shift4 not just as a technical enabler but also as the acquirer behind the service. Collaborating with us provides partners with the advantage of international expertise and a distinctive mindset to navigate the Nordic payment ecosystem.

Digital Onboarding: Our commitment to a streamlined onboarding flow reflects our dedication to addressing partner concerns. We offer our partners a fast and flexible onboarding process through our digital onboarding tools, so they can onboard their merchants efficiently.

“Once we began working together, it became immediately apparent that our strategic partnership was a unique one. This was largely due to our innate adaptability to emerging technologies and its natural alignment with Shift4’s vision. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!”

Morten O. Wagner, Founder Freepay

Our digital onboarding tools are designed to help our merchants navigate the onboarding process as efficiently as possible. When it comes to onboarding, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our digital onboarding is designed to be flexible, meeting the diverse needs of our partners. This ensures that our merchants can efficiently onboard their customers, tailoring the experience to specific requirements.

Value-Added Services: Our offerings extend beyond security products, encompassing reporting, settlement, and optimization solutions for merchants and partners. By delving into the analytics of partner transactions, we provide insights into approval rates and benchmarking against the market.

Our commitment to deep analysis and offering relevant solutions differentiates us in the Nordic market. We address gaps, whether in payment or technology, ensuring that our partners receive comprehensive solutions.

In contrast to domestic competitors, our international capabilities, enable Nordic companies to go cross-border effortlessly, transcending currency and country constraints. With Shift4, partners can confidently expand their reach beyond Nordic borders, tapping into a global landscape with ease.

Benefits for Our Valued Partners

Unified Commerce Approach: Shift4 provides unified commerce to our Nordic partners, both online and card-present payments. Our offerings include optimizing approval rates, integrating local payment methods, implementing token services, and 3D Secure — all crucial components of a one-stop-shop payment provider.

“Through our partnership with Shift4, we are able to help merchants of every size across the Nordics and drive growth by enabling quick and seamless transactions, no matter how their customers choose to pay.”

David Maisey, CEO, MultiPay

Local Adaptability and Consultancy: Our dedication to local adaptability is embedded in our resource allocation strategy. Our partners enjoy the advantage of a dedicated local contact person who is well-informed about the cultural nuances of the payment industry. This guarantees that our partners receive personalized support, including comprehensive analysis and consultancy services, tailored to their unique needs.

Partner Enablement Strategy: We execute a partner enablement strategy, tapping into top-notch expertise across different segments or products. By forming knowledge-sharing partnerships with local entities deeply ingrained in the market, we blend international perspectives with local insights. Our international mindset with local adaptation, distinguishes us from the competitors.

Empower Your Payments Journey with Shift4

Are you ready to elevate your FinTech game? Join Shift4, where innovation meets adaptability in the dynamic Nordic payment landscape. Unlock the potential for seamless transactions, localized support, and a unified commerce approach that sets you apart in the competitive market.

About Shift4:

Shift4 (NYSE: FOUR) is boldly redefining commerce by simplifying complex payments ecosystems across the world. As the leader in commerce-enabling technology, Shift4 powers billions of transactions annually for hundreds of thousands of businesses in virtually every industry.

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