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Embedded Finance & the Platformification of Banking, Pål Krogdahl, Payments Co-chair at Mobey Forum

In this interview, we engage with Pål Kroghdal, co-chair of the Payments Workgroup at Mobey Forum and Director of Technology Strategy and Advisory Services at Samlink. Pål brings deep insights into the evolving landscape of embedded finance, a topic that sits at the heart of future financial innovations. With a dual role that blends industry leadership and strategic advisory, he provides a nuanced perspective on the transformative journey of banking towards platformification—a shift that promises to reshape the interaction between financial institutions and their customers. As embedded finance fosters a new ecosystem of collaboration and competition, Pål navigates us through the potential challenges and opportunities that await banks in adapting to these dynamic changes. Join us as we delve into how embedded finance could empower consumers and redefine banking as we know it.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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