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Developing Financial Software for Digital Banking Kristina Salemyr Director Digital Banking Banqsoft

At the recent Nordic Fintech Summit in Helsinki, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kristina Salemyr, one of the leaders at Banksoft, a prominent software provider for the financial industry. Banksoft specializes in three core areas: asset finance, digital banking, and leasing and hire purchase. As the head of digital banking, Kristina is responsible for providing cutting-edge technology to banking customers, covering a wide range of products such as deposits, loans, and credit cards. In this interview, we delve into the significance of this event for Kristina and Banksoft. She highlights the value of meeting like-minded individuals, being inspired by great speeches, and gaining insights into the market’s latest developments. Kristina emphasizes the importance of understanding the products and services offered by their partners and potential customers, as well as the prevailing concerns and priorities in the industry. When asked to describe the financial industry in just a few words, Kristina characterizes it as dynamic, technology-driven, and customer-focused—a perfect trifecta that aligns seamlessly with Banksoft’s approach. Don’t miss this and any of our other captivating interviews and enlightening discussions at the Nordic Fintech Summit.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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