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Deon Digital, chosen as Bursa Malaysia’s technology partner, built BCX, the Malaysian Voluntary Carbon Market Exchange.

Bursa Carbon Exchange (BCX) is a global spot exchange that enables corporations to take practical climate mitigation actions through the trading of carbon credits from projects with measurable climate action outcomes that adhere to the international standards. BCX went live on September, 25th and is operated by Bursa Malaysia, one of the largest exchanges in ASEAN.

Bursa Malaysia selected Deon Digital as the technology partner to design and establish BCX. BCX is powered by the Smart Financial Instrument System (SFI system) built by Deon Digital. The Smart Financial Instrument system (SFI system) offers an unparalleled, seamless and digital capital market experience. The whole concept is a fully integrated approach, where all the aspects of the capital market infrastructure from a central security depository, a settlement system, a clearing house and an exchange come together in a single unified and super-efficient and super-fast platform. The SFI system encompasses the entire capital market value chain from issuance, trading & settlement to life-cycling of both regulated and unregulated assets and securities.

BCX offers efficient on-boarding and life-cycling processes for high-quality Carbon Credits from authorized Carbon Registries (starting with Verra Registry), spot trading for standardized contracts of Carbon Credits as well as off-market transactions. Off-market transactions refer to contract deals that are matched outside of the BCX central order book, where buyers and sellers utilize BCX’s onboarding (i.e. Know-Your-Customer processes), as well as clearing and settlement services for their direct Carbon Credit transactions. The counterparty and delivery risk is eliminated in the SFI system by providing built-in pre-funding and instantaneous, delivery-versus-payment settlement.

“Deon Digital is delighted and honored to have been selected to build one of the world’s first Voluntary Carbon Market exchanges,” said Florian Herzog, CTO and founder of Deon Digital. “The SFI system allows to radically digitize and automate capital market services thereby massively reducing risks and costs”

“We are pleased to have worked with Deon Digital in setting up the trading platform for Bursa Carbon Exchange (BCX).” said Dr Wei-nee Chen, Head of Carbon Market, Bursa Malaysia Berhad. “Deon Digital’s experience was able to provide us with the technological capabilities, process efficiency and automation through digitalisation that we sought for BCX’s real-time trade and settlement capabilities for on-market as well as OTC-trades. We also appreciate that they were proactive in understanding and delivering to our unique market requirements. “


Deon Digital brings the advantages of modern technology to regulated markets. The Smart Financial Instrument system (SFI system) offers an unparalleled, seamless and digital capital market experience. The SFI system powers an experience where money, assets and securities are available and tradable in pure digital form, accessible in the browser or smartphone. By automating and digitalizing these complex systems Deon Digital strives to enhance efficiency, speed, availability, security and quality, creating a paradigm shift in the way the industry operates.

The company HQ is located in Switzerland, with a R&D hub in Denmark. With a team of high performing experts with proven track records Deon Digital is in a lead position to drive the next technological breakthrough.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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