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Coinify and Januar are partnering up to bring better infrastructure to the future of finance

In the midst of everything going on in the crypto markets, responsible companies keep making strides to constantly increase focus on regulatory compliance and better user experiences for both businesses and consumers. Coinify and Januar are partnering up to create seamless and safe money flows between crypto and traditional currencies.

Coinify is a leader in merchant payment solutions bridging the virtual currency and traditional financial industries. Januar helps Coinify by serving their operational needs with a compliant business account to collect and disburse traditional currency payments in the fiat-crypto on/off ramp process.

“It’s exciting for Januar to be serving innovative companies building the future of finance. Coinify is a prime example of that and we are proud to serve businesses that bring new and more open financial products to consumers.” 

Simon Ousager, CEO at Januar

Januar is an established limited payment institution licensed with the Danish FSA and truly the crypto standard in regulatory compliance. They aim to serve the full European crypto market with financial services that puts compliance at the core.

The basis of getting a stable business account in this industry is meeting the rigorous compliance standards of Januar. We are proud to say that Coinify once again passed the test. Regulatory compliance has been a core component in the company’s strategy for a long time.

“I have been working together with Januar on technical and business aspects and it has been a smooth and pleasant experience. They understand our industry and are committed to building a stable product and service which can reduce the friction between the traditional and crypto sectors of finance. So, in short, I am sure we’re going to be using Januar a lot in the future and I’m looking forward to a continued collaboration with them.”

Radu Johansen, Head of Operations at Coinify.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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