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Cereda and Leaf in Strategic Partnership 

Leaf’s innovative digital insurance service for businesses is a significant reason why Cereda, a Danish industry organization within accounting and finance, has chosen Leaf as the new insurance broker for all its business members. The digital solution ensures individual and efficient advisory services tailored to the specific needs of each member.

New Digital Insurance Service Provides Better Advice
Leaf offers a new digital insurance service for businesses that combines new technology with traditional expertise. With a digital platform that can be integrated directly with companies’ accounting systems, Leaf provides individual advice based directly on companies’ data such as assets, turnover, employees, and travel activity. All this is detailed and updated daily to avoid under- and over-insurance. For example, integrations can be made to systems like e-conomic, Dinero, and Billy.

“We have already achieved strong results finding both savings and better risk coverage for almost all our customers – and we are experiencing great demand from both customers and insurance companies. Insurance companies want to know the customer better, and customers want things handled correctly and digitally, just like everything else,” says Albert Nygård, co-owner of Leaf.

Active Insurance Service in One Place

In addition to the possibilities of the digital platform, Cereda highlights other good benefits of the partnership.

“The agreement with Leaf means that we get an insurance broker who takes active ownership of our insurances. It is important for us to have a broker who engages and bases their approach on the individual member’s needs. We have great confidence that the collaboration will enhance our insurance service and that members will have a much more agile approach to the insurances offered through Cereda, as well as insurances that can be bought through Leaf. Our members also have the opportunity to become a ‘Leaf Partner’ and help their own customers be better insured,” says Peter Skjerning, Chairman of the Board at Cereda.

At the same time, it is a clear advantage for Cereda to be able to transfer all administration related to insurance management to Leaf, as it frees up resources for other activities for the organization’s members.

Leaf’s experience in handling everything in one place also significantly reduces time consumption for all parties: the customer, the advisor, and the insurance company. “It takes 60 seconds to get started, and the customer does not need to find their data and figures themselves. They get a unique login to their own profile on the digital platform, giving them access to all their insurance matters,” explains Albert Nygård.

With the partnership with Cereda, Leaf hopes to further expand the concept and help more companies in Denmark. Since its launch in November 2023, Leaf now provides insurance service to over 400 companies.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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