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Blockchain x Climate Leadership Network (BxC) Launches at Davos

BxC brings together the most influential organisations in web2 and web3 to align, develop, and accelerate solutions on behalf of Planet Earth

Davos, Switzerland – January 17, 2023 – Amongst the world’s most influential financial institutions and policymakers and against the backdrop of the climate crisis, the Blockchain x Climate Leadership Network (BxC) has announced its organisational launch during GBBC’s 6th Annual Blockchain Central Davos – a premier gathering of leaders across the blockchain, digital asset, technology, NGO, and government sectors from January 15th-19th

BxC is an activist-to-industry network of global stakeholders working together to define and author cooperative operating and technical principles that govern climate-related blockchain efforts across sectors, and support the development of scalable integration and interoperability projects that demonstrate the catalytic contribution blockchain technology can have on the climate crisis.

Founding BxC Blockchain Partners include: Solana Foundation, Ripple, Climate Collective, and Regen Network.

The Network — led by Eqo Networks, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), and BxCi (Blockchain x Climate Infrastructure) — partners with organisations around the world to create the single largest common gathering of climate action innovators, leaders and builders under one global umbrella organisation.

Existing BxC working groups focus on carbon market registries, standards and auditability, policy development, regenerative finance and emerging markets in the global south. Many of these projects are underway as proof of concepts or in fully implemented solutions and require a consistent taxonomy framework to scale. 

BxC key opportunities include: 

  • Establish trust and promote transparency across chains and sectors
  • Develop climate-friendly business cases with common taxonomies, principles, and shared goals
  • Launch new cross-chain and cross-sector projects and scalable industry pilots
  • Aggregate best practices and publically available resources that include white papers and open-source software code to drive credibility and continued growth. See GBBC’s IWA Resources page Interwork Alliance – Resources – Global Blockchain Business Council (

Ken Weber VP, Social Impact & Sustainability at Ripple said: “Ripple is excited to partner with BxC and its members to develop the future of web3 enabled carbon and ecological benefits markets. We will be working closely with the network in 2023 to develop cross-chain technical principles and industry pilots.”

Amira Valliani, Policy Lead at the Solana Foundation, said: “We need all the tools we can bring to bear in the climate crisis, and everyone has a role to play. BxC is a rare space for activists and organisations to come together, roll up our sleeves, and collaborate on unexpected opportunities to make a difference. We’re thrilled to be founding members of this one-of-a-kind coalition.” 

Anna Lerner, CEO of Climate Collective said:

“Scaling demand and offering high quality supply of carbon and ecological credits requires liquidity and alignment of assets across chains. Without coordination and collaboration amongst key stakeholders we cannot effectively utilise the full functionality of web3 technology.”

Dave Ford, Partner and Founder of Eqo Networks said:

“BxC will be the capacity building platform for climate-focused blockchain intervention, and for Fortune 500 companies to speed up their adoption of this technology. Creating optimal conditions for blockchain-powered applications such as carbon market trust and transparency, ESG monitoring and reporting, and supply chain tracking will accelerate progress against climate change.”

Sandra Ro, CEO of GBBC said:

“There is a recognition that blockchain offers powerful new solutions to complicated climate challenges. GBBC agrees that for the many emerging solutions to grow, they must both solve real world problems and have the ability to work across multiple open-source technology platforms with a common language and standards to simplify implementations.”

Daniel Hwang, Strategic Advisor to BxCi said: “Blockchains and their associated cryptocurrencies can play a fundamental role in both supplementing and spearheading climate solutions. These blockchains’ respective ecosystems of unique technology stacks are in need of a coordination layer to aid the necessary interoperability goals for crypto-based climate solutions to achieve their climate commitments. BxC is a necessary medium to achieve these goals.”

For more information on BxC, please visit their website or email

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