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Beyond Payments, Navigating the Next Generation of Digital Wallets, Mobey Forum Expert Group Chairs Marina Repo, Kristian Sørensen and Cédric Sieber

In a recent discussion hosted by the Mobey Forum Wallet Expert Group, industry experts Marina Repo, Kristian Sørensen, and Cedric Sieber explored the evolving role of digital wallets in today’s financial sector. Marina Repo, a leader in transaction banking, highlighted the critical role of banks in ensuring secure digital identity verification. Kristian Sørensen, with his extensive background in digital wallet strategies, discussed the shift from mobile-centric solutions to broader digital wallet applications. Cedric Sieber, focused on customer payment solutions, addressed the operational and strategic challenges banks face with these technological advancements.

The conversation centers on redefining digital wallets to include managing verified data and digitized assets, essential for improving security and user experience in financial transactions. This interview highlights the collaborative efforts necessary for banks to adapt and influence the future landscape of financial services, emphasizing the increasing importance of digital wallets in banking strategies, a must watch for anyone interested in the future of financial services!

Download a copy of the Mobey Forum Digital Wallet report here

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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