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Better Financial Experiences

It is not just another fancy tagline. It is the backbone of Crediwire. Experiences are something we create together — Creating more knowledge, better decisions, and ultimately stronger companies. It takes courage — the courage to embrace change, and new technologies, and to unfold new opportunities.

Experiences are something we create together – so why not talk about better financial experiences?

It is a known fact that financial reports often seem incomprehensible to many business owners. The numbers stay as fallow land. But by optimizing the financial data and making it vivid through visual design, we can enhance comprehension. If we furthermore focus on detailed counselling – we get one step closer to creating better financial experiences.

Collaboration is key for creating stronger companies

We find ourselves in a period affected by uncertainty, a fear of a new Global crisis, and inflation. It has never been more essential to have a full overview of your financial situation, and a transparent relation between you and your advisors.

” Seeing is believing” – if you are able to see it and understand it, then you are able to do something about it along the way. Companies need an easy overview: What is their status, and what are their options for optimizing? A full visual overview in combination with close counselling is the main ingredient for value – accountants, banks and SMEs in between. This is the way to create stronger companies and more prosperous societies, Nicholas Meilstrup, CEO, Crediwire.

Something you already do – just easier

Transformation and tech have the potential to move us from one reality to another. In order to succeed, we must offer a better reality and a reality that is not too different from the one you already know.

That is what we are suggesting via these three simple steps:

  1. We collect financial data – to create one destination.
  2. We structure financial data – to create context.
  3. We activate financial data – to create understanding.

Now, consider these scenarios with the three steps in mind:

Do you want to create more value? Well, now you are able to send visual and understandable reports to all your clients. Data shows that 93 % of the clients want to work with accountants who work in real-time.

Are you struggling to get the latest data from your clients? Well, now you can have direct access to updated data on all your clients – always. We know that 89 % of the clients want to share data with their bank in exchange for more value.

Are you longing for more tangible information and advice on how to run your business? Well, now you have an updated overview at your fingertips and your advisors do too.

This leaves us with a simple recipe. With common access to structured financial data, you and your advisors will have more knowledge. Knowledge sets the framework for better decision-making. Better decisions enable you to create more value and paths the way to your success.

Stronger companies build prosperous societies

Companies play an essential part in our society. Thus, our ability to create stronger companies will define our opportunities to build prosperous societies now and in the future to come.

Stronger companies define our ability to solve critical and interesting problems. Making space for innovation that will ensure that we as a society are ready to defy the challenges and dilemmas of tomorrow.

The companies activate more than 70 % of our friends and families. Some are founders, others employees. Some sell services to them, others buy services from them. We cannot live without those companies and hence we all have a mutual responsibility in building stronger companies.

We will be a success to the extent that we are able to create stronger companies. Thus, we are able to make companies achieve their aspirations. That’s a nice thing to get out of bed for every morning. Nicholas Meilstrup, CEO of Crediwire.

About Crediwire

  • Founded in 2015
    Number of employees: 35
    Target audience: Accountants, companies and banks

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Ditte Dyhr
Ditte Dyhr
Ditte is the Co-founder of Nordic Fintech Magazine and head of Product.
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