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Zimpler: Guaranteeing Simplified and Seamless Payment Solutions 

Streamline transactions and cultivate stronger customer relationships by availing of fast, secure, and cost-effective payment solutions, offered by Zimpler. 

With the hard work that comes with running a business, making seamless real-time –  yet safe – transactions should not be an added burden. Zimpler, a leading Swedish fintech company, understands the importance of safety and security when it comes to your finances. Providing instant, dependable, and secure open banking payments, they’ve designed their system around you and your business needs. So you can focus on what’s important – running your business. 

“Our mission is to streamline real-time payment transactions, which gives us an edge over other modes of payments. For example, we can move money faster with our instant payment feature, Pay-in, and Payouts. Our transactions are encrypted and processed through a secure system – where we save time and money by eliminating the need for costly wire transfers and processing fees. So, if you’re looking for a simpler, more efficient way to handle your finances, Zimpler is the way to go,” says Johan Strand, CEO of Zimpler. 

“The world is moving too fast to have a one-size-fits-all payment solution. A partner that understands this and can move quickly to stay on top is crucial. With a partner like Zimpler you can co-create and develop new ideas“

Johan Strand, CEO, Zimpler

Cohesive Product Suite 

Zimpler offers a cohesive product suite to its customers aimed at providing simpler and more efficient ways to handle their finances. 

Payouts (B2C) 

Instead of waiting for a slow and unsecured card payment to come through, you can now receive instant funds with Zimpler’s Payouts. You’ll notice happier customers who don’t have to wait for a refund. 

How does it work?  

Zimpler is expanding and strengthening its coverage with banks in the Nordics, the Baltics, and across the rest of Europe. Let’s say a customer has booked a vacation using Zimpler but  has to cancel. With the Zimpler product, Payout,  the refund can be instantly credited to their account, in real-time. 

Pay-ins (B2C) 

If you’re looking to get paid immediately then Zimpler’s Pay-ins product is for you. Their integration process is quick and easy and is done within days. Once you’re up and running you can sell high-value goods or services (up to €15 000) directly from your website. Customers pay with funds available in their bank accounts. Zimpler is flexible and is always ready to adapt, making sure that everything works seamlessly and securely for you. 

Customer Identification  

Our Customer Identification product is a crucial part of any business. It allows you to know who you are dealing with and helps flag any suspicious activity. Zimpler products come with built-in Customer Identification, but the product can be purchased separately. 

Customer Identification is crucial as it gives you access to critical customer information to determine if they are politically exposed persons (PEP), and to simplify anti-money laundry (AML) compliance and sanction screenings. In addition, integration with CI is simple and fast, as there are no detailed registration forms to fill out and it doesn’t collect unnecessary or intrusive information. 

“We work very closely with our customers to identify problems they are experiencing and find solutions together. We see ourselves as partners, not suppliers, and our goal is to help our customers solve real-life problems,” remarks Strand.  

“Trust within the payment landscape is fundamental. If users don’t trust a payment platform, they simply won’t use it. Merchants won’t work with you, banks won’t process your payments”

Johan Strand, CEO, Zimpler

Innovative Outlook  

Zimpler recently unveiled a revamped visual brand identity, which includes a new logo, typography and fresh, expressive colours. The company has worked closely with Bold, a leading Nordic branding and design agency, to develop and shape the new brand concept. The focus of the rebrand is not only to sharpen the company’s purpose, personality and values but also to build brand loyalty and recognition among its end-users. This move challenges the conventional practice that says brands should only direct their communication toward businesses, ignoring end-users. 

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The shift toward a social media-focused approach has required us to update our brand to better reflect our mission and connect with our customers. As a business-to-business-to-consumer company, we understand that to build a better product for our merchants we need first to understand the needs of their users. By doing so, we can continue providing an exceptional experience for all who use Zimpler products and services. 

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Zimpler. The payment landscape is changing rapidly, as five years from now, there will be products that could not be imagined today – as is the pace of the industry. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and continue innovating,” says Strand. 

Prioritizing Customer Security 

For Zimpler its customer security is a top priority. Open banking offers several advantages over credit and debit cards. One is the ability to verify the customer’s identity – a clear difference between success and failure. Zimpler has implemented a state-of-the-art monitoring system which immediately flags any suspicious activity. As a customer, you don’t have to worry about transacting with someone who may be subject to sanctions, a politically exposed person, or is known to be involved in criminal activity. 

“Trust within the payment landscape is fundamental. If users don’t trust a payment platform, they simply won’t use it. Merchants won’t work with you, banks won’t process your payments. Therefore, as we continue to grow as a company, we remain focused on tightening security and regulatory compliance. Over the last two years – and to maintain the trust of our partners – we have invested heavily in AML (anti-money laundry) compliance. As a payment provider who is authorised and supervised by the Swedish financial supervisory authority, we are committed to providing better products and services that our customers can trust. We encrypt all data that runs through our systems and use personal security credentials to ensure that only the right parties have access. It is at the top of our daily agenda to maintain a high standard of security and trust,” adds Strand. 

Compliant Posturing  

While the European Union has made strides in simplifying legislation so that businesses can operate in multiple countries with ease, other regulatory requirements still differ depending on the nation.  

“When we enter new markets, a heavy focus is placed on understanding the local regulations and compliance requirements. Our legal team works hard to ensure we are always up-to-date with the latest changes, which has been a challenge at times, but it is also our strength” remarks Strand.  

Immaculate Customer Service 

Zimpler prides itself on providing an immaculate customer experience. Their payments team is constantly innovating to ensure their customers have the best possible experience.  

“We have strong faith in our products and solutions and take great pride in offering the very best to our clients. We will always be there for them when and if they require our expertise,” says Strand. 

Product quality, conversion rates and customer service are key factors customers should keep in mind when choosing a payments provider.  

“The world is moving too fast to have a one-size-fits-all payment solution. A partner that understands this and can move quickly to stay on top is crucial. With a partner like Zimpler you can co-create and develop new ideas,“ states Strand. 

Building a Leading Fintech Company in The Nordics with Global Ambitions 

Zimpler started in Sweden as a small company and today they are force to be reckoned with in the European payments landscape. Embarking on such a herculean mission is bound to come with difficult challenges, but Zimpler combats them all, one by one.  

The”unknown unknowns” – things that we never knew we needed to know. This concept can be especially difficult when expanding into new segments or countries, but it’s an essential part of growth. Learning to deal with the unknown unknowns is something that happens quickly when you’re trying to grow as a business,”, says Strand.  

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Zimpler’s proficient team also played a pivotal role in expanding its base while delivering frictionless payment solutions to its customers.  

“To be successful, you need to build a strong team which is willing to work hard and take risks. Uncertainty can be challenging, but it can also be motivating. You need to be curious and ambitious to find the answers you’re looking for. We are proud to have found the right talent in a highly competitive environment,” says Strand.  

Zimpler’s account-to-account payment solution is also available in Norway, making it their eighth market. While Scandinavian Travel Group is the first merchant to go live with Zimpler in this market, the company is also previously integrated with Vitec Travelize in Sweden and Finland. 

Zimpler will continue to expand its presence in the Nordics, focusing on segments such as travel, e-commerce and financial services, where instant and secure payments are crucial. The company offers bank coverage in Norway where customers identify through BankID. 

“As we continue expanding our product fleet and move into new markets, we’re committed to helping merchants with cross-border payments. With our innovative solutions, merchants can streamline their payment processes and grow their business,” Strand concludes. 

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