Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Banque de Patrimoines Privés S.A. adopts Estonian depositary solution Depowise to improve profitability

Luxembourg-based banking company Banque de Patrimoines Privés S.A. (also known as Creand Wealth & Securities) enters into a strategic technology partnership with Estonian FinTech...

Day 2 of #NFWEEK2022: A United Nordic Fintech Community

NFWEEK2022 attendees could let their hair down at a Mastercard-hosted barbecue and an Icelandic-themed Networking Drinks event last night. But it was back to...

Day #1 of Nordic Fintech Week 2022 Proves That the Market Is Bullish in the Nordics

The TAP1 event venue in Copenhagen was bursting at the seams today as attendees from all over the world poured into Nordic Fintech Week...

Ep. 76 Buy-now-pay-later as a Service, Accelerating Lender’s way to Embedded Finance – David Larsson, CEO at Sileon

The emergence of as-a-service banking models is proof that in free open markets, where there is demand supply will follow. The difficulty that many...

Ep.75 Impactful Investing: Helping Investors Put their Money where their Heart is – Alvar Lumberg

We continue to see a strong move towards enabling investors to be more discerning of where they put their money. Similarly to how health...