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Incore Invest Backs SAVR to Revolutionise the Nordic Investment Landscape

Incore Invest, a leading European investment firm renowned for its strategic investments in pre-Series A businesses with significant growth potential, has chosen to invest in SAVR, a disruptive fintech company dedicated to transforming the investment experience for long term savers. The backing comes after the company celebrated surpassing over 100K users, showing significant potential for scaling the business.

SAVR’s new investment platform will seamlessly combine digestible data, personalised insights, and intuitive tools for a superior user experience, with the aim of empowering users to make the best decisions when taking control of their finances. While Incore Invest has been an investor in SAVR for two years, this partnership will allow SAVR to accelerate the launch of their new investment platform including equities, ETFs, and mutual funds. Soon, the new equities trading platforms will offer stock trading options across 17 markets, with access to free real-time data, automatic commission classes, low currency conversion and advanced AI-powered tools.

A Swedish industry leader, SAVR launched the first of its kind open fund platform in 2019, and currently offers up to 50% reduced fund fees in comparison to other online banks. In addition to this, SAVR offers a cheaper currency exchange rate of just 0.19%, making this a far superior option in comparison to other European savings products.  With its current mutual funds platform, SAVR has quickly gained traction as a pioneer in the field of long-term savings, boasting a user base of over 100k+ since the launch of their mutual funds’ platform in November 2019. To date, SAVR has refunded close to $5 million in fund commissions to its customers. By offering a platform that promotes informed decision-making and transparency without high commission and distribution fees, SAVR is committed to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. 

As their most active investors, Incore Invest has further solidified their partnership with this financial backing. Nicolai Chamizo, CEO and Founder of Incore Invest, has a vast amount of experience in guiding and scaling tech startups, and he will be continuing his role as an active member of SAVR’s board.  With a shared vision of disrupting the investment industry, this collaboration promises to deliver unparalleled value to investors across Scandinavia. Incore Invest boasts a concentrated portfolio of successful ventures across Europe, and the investment promises to add SAVR to the next cohort of successful startup enterprises under the guidance of Nicolai Chamizo. With a focus on forming close relationships with founders and management teams, Incore Invest provides both financial support and expertise to help businesses expand their footprint and drive innovation. 

Speaking on the investment, Nicolai Chamizo, CEO and Founder of Incore Invest commented: “We are delighted to deepen our partnership with SAVR, a true disruptor in the fintech landscape. Their vision for an affordable and user-friendly investment platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to support innovative ventures with promising growth prospects. SAVR is dedicated to revolutionising the Nordic investment sector through accessible data and intuitive tools and Incore Invest is excited to be a part of their journey by leveraging our sector expertise as well as deep networks in the Fintech industry.”

Daniel Aarenstrup, CEO at SAVR commented, “SAVR stands out in a competitive market by outpacing traditional players with speed and innovation. This makes entrepreneurial driven investors and experienced operators such as Incore Invest the perfect partners for us. The strategic guidance from Incore Invest’s experienced entrepreneurs within the fintech space will be crucial for our future growth plans and align perfectly with our mission to transform the Nordic investment sector.”

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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