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Igniting Change through Innovation: Inside the Impactful Sustainability Hackathon at Nordic Fintech Week

Last year, we witnessed the power of collaboration and innovation at Nordic Fintech Week’s Sustainability Hackathon. Now, as we gear up for this year’s event, we can’t help but feel the energy and anticipation building up.

Sustainability has become critical across all industries, and the Nordic financial sector is uniquely positioned to lead the way and drive enduring change. At Nordic Fintech Week 2022, we witnessed the convergence of visionary fintech thought leaders and disruptors in Copenhagen. It was a remarkable gathering that brought together over 1500 bright minds passionate about shaping a sustainable future.

During the event, Mastercard and Danske Bank co-hosted a Hackathon, inviting participants to collectively ideate solutions that help businesses understand their ESG impact. The Hackathon drew in passionate individuals from various backgrounds, including business products, sustainability, product development, finance, and UX.

Teams of talented individuals formed, each armed with the task of creating innovative ways to report business ESG data and describe current and future actions. Their dedication and creativity knew no bounds as they worked on sustainable solutions for the short, mid, and long term.

The proposed solutions were evaluated by an expert jury, considering factors such as relevance, innovation, scalability, implementation, and short and long-term impact. The ideas that emerged were inspiring, ranging from inventive CO2 emissions reporting to empowering employees to adopt CO2-reducing habits.

Winners were announced during the closing keynote at Nordic Fintech Week. They received three months of free seating at Copenhagen Fintech Lab, the main hub for fintech startups in Denmark. They also secured free tickets to attend Nordic Fintech Week 2023 this September and participation in the Copenhagen Fintech pre-incubation program. Moreover, the winners were given an exclusive opportunity to pitch their ideas directly to senior executives and decision-makers at Mastercard and Danske Bank.

These ideation sessions are vital in activating more individuals to think about systemic change. The Nordics Financial Services industry is a hub of thought leaders, dreamers, and committed change-makers ready to collaborate and make a positive impact in their homes, workplaces, communities, and cities.

Mastercard and Danske Bank are proud to continue supporting such initiatives, acting as the glue that brings all parties together for lasting change. We’re thrilled by the momentum we see in the market and the combined impact we can achieve when we bring our minds, skills, and capabilities together. Let’s continue driving change and creating a sustainable future for all! See the full video below!

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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