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Fintech Events: ECOM’21Interview with Martynas Savickas, Chief Information Security Officer Luminor

Greetings, fintech heroes! Have you ever wondered how fintechs and financial institutions remain secure while they continue to innovate? No, probably not, as very few of us actually spend time pondering on the delicate balance between user experience and security.

Luckily there are people in the industry who think about this 24/7 and in our recent visit to ECOM’21, we met one fo them. We had the chance to sit down with Martynas Savickas, Chief Information Security Officer at Luminor, one of the leading banks in the Baltics, and he had some truly fascinating insights to share. In our conversation, we delved into the emerging trend of embedded finance and the challenges that arise when industries collaborate more closely, particularly when it comes to issues like security, customer relationships, and accountability.

We also talked about the importance of designing services that prevent fraud while still encouraging innovation and healthy competition. And for those of you interested in the Baltic fintech ecosystem, Martynas shared his thoughts on the role that Luminor plays in fostering collaboration with fintechs and other industries. So, join us for this engaging and thought-provoking conversation and learn what the incumbent side of the table has to say on the ongoing transformation of the industry.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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