Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Embedded Finance in Banking: Addressing the Multi-trillion USD opportunity- Erlend Nitter-Hauge Senior Strategic Partnership Manager at DNB 

Embedded finance will be everywhere, quite literally. As this new trend sweeps through financial services, it promises to turn every company, inside and outside Financial Services into a Fintech and to turn every business into a new channel to market for financial products.  With the promise of making financial products like payments, loans, insurance and even investment available to consumers as part as other industries customer journeys, Embedded finance has the allure of not only adding a high degree of convenience to customers, but also of generating trillions of USD worth of new value.

In this exciting conversation with Erlend Senior Strategic Partnership Manager at DNB, Norway’s largest bank, we learn more about how incumbent financial organisations can maximize the opportunity presented by embedded finance and how technologies like open banking and open data can bring the industry closer together. Listen to how partnerships plays a pivotal role in DNBs ability to execute its Embedded Finance strategy and how the largest bank in Norway sees the future of this exciting trend playing out in our industry.  

Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
Chris is the Co-founder of Nordic Fintech Magazine and Fast Forward Banking. He uncomplicates finance through jargon-free financial media content in plain and simple language. Chris is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University and Singularity University where he speaks regularly on the Future of Financial Services, the Future of Money Disruption and Entrepreneurship.